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White plaster finish by Dorwae Interiors 2022 | © Photo by Jason Varney

Whether you are a new restaurant looking to attract more customers or you have a lack of patrons due to poor restaurant interior design, here is a guide on how you can enhance your interior from banquet halls to restaurant walls.

The restaurant interior design affects customer psychology and guides them to order more or less by providing them with more than just the restaurant’s vibe.

Today, interior design is a very important consideration of restaurateurs and the organization is willing to invest their resources in this area. There are several factors that have an impact on a restaurant’s interior design, continue reading because you’re in for a treat.

THE Architecture

Restaurant Interior

Restaurant Interior design by Velocette Studio | © Photo by Jason Varney

Just like this restaurant in center city Philadelphia, architecture definitely increases the positive impression of a restaurant interior if done in a new way without sacrificing comfort or aesthetics. If done well, these tactics will positively influence customer psychology from the moment they lay eyes on it until the moment they leave.

The interior design of a restaurant causes it to appear more inviting, adding value to the overall value of your eating experience. Design elements such as restaurant wall design, banquet hall design

More so, the architecture of a restaurant affects the ambience and services provided.

Wall design

Photo by Vincent Rivaud

Attracting guests’ attention isn’t just crucial to a restaurant but the whole experience. Hence, the restaurant wall design is a vital element.

Similarly, an accent wall, provides employees and customers with a perfect place to stop and look at when they enter the room. Using colors, custom-made furniture, or individual plates can make your restaurant interior truly stand out from the rest.

This is a perfect way to add some personality and interest to any design. It can be used to showcase your restaurant’s logo, create a focal point, or even just dress up a plain white wall in an elegant way.

Moreover, you could also try featuring local arts and incorporating mirrors over your restaurant’s interior wall design.

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Seting the ambience

Photo by Waldemar Brandt

Different restaurants have different designs, and therefore elicit different consumer behaviors. 

For example, if a restaurant has a very sleek interior design and sophisticated décor, such as black leather furniture and stainless steel bar stools, it will attract people who like to be in charge of themselves, take initiative and enjoy a sense of personal style.

On the other hand, if the restaurant is more casual and down-to-earth with simple furnishings such as wooden tables and comfortable seating, it will attract people who enjoy a relaxed, casual vibe.

The restaurant interior design is an important part of the restaurant’s ambience and can influence a diner’s behavior. Because all restaurants want to make a good first impression on potential guests, the design of their main entrance is all-important. This means that it should be designed in such a way that it feels welcoming and comfortable as soon as visitors walk through its doors.

Light, colour, texture, furnishings and flooring can all contribute to the feel of your restaurant and can even make it unique.

Seating options

© Photo by Jason Varney

The seating options can be used to determine which customers are good leads and make them more willing to participate in a queue-forming behavior (such as ordering dessert). 

Furniture goes a long way for restaurants, especially for a banquet hall. This is a vital element for your banquet hall design.

The seating layout, spacing, table size, and whether its indoor or outdoor seating- matters. There are customers who prefer privacy at a booth or private table and don’t want to be near other people while they eat and drink. There are others who want to enjoy themselves with a group of friends or family at the bar while they wait for their food to be prepared.

The key is to make your restaurant an environment where each customer can enjoy themselves no matter how they choose to sit, whether it is in a booth, large table, or seat at the bar all the while facing the restaurant’s interior.

Proper lighting

© Photo by Jason Varney

You would not want dim dining for an ideal brunch, unless that’s your brand.

Lighting is a critical part of any space. It can transform a room into a dynamic environment, lighting the way for you and your guests alike.

In particular, lighting must be practical and safe, as well as beautiful and stylish. With so many options on the market today, it’s important to find the best lighting for your space to ensure that it meets all of your expectations.

Choosing the right chandelier, lamp, or bulb or anything that will emit light for your restaurant is essential, too. This should, of course, go with your restaurant’s wall design, as it should complement each other.

You also do not want a huge chandelier for a small part for your restaurant, nor a minute light bulb for a wide banquet hall. The perfect lighting should also go with your restaurant’s wall plaster or wall finish (preferably done by a professional). 

Bonus: Right music 

Choosing the right music can increase the positive perception of the brand among customers by creating a pleasant atmosphere.

You cannot just blast metal music during a Sunday brunch, there is nothing wrong with that kind of music but the ability to choose the correct genre of music to match your buffet for the day highly matters. 

Also, you do not just look up Spotify or YouTube for the best banquet music, you need to tailor fit what kind of acoustics best suit your restaurant. This too, relies on your restaurant’s overall design.

In the end,

The interior design of your restaurant is an essential aspect of customer experience. If your restaurant interior layout feels cramped and uncomfortable, it will have an adverse effect on both customer satisfaction and employee productivity.

Your layout can also influence how your customers feel about themselves in a space that they’ve rarely been before. All of the abovementioned elements will surely help your restaurant.

A well thought-out interior design will help you create a comfortable environment for all.

Rethinking your walls? We can help you make your vissionary ‘‘unique design’ into to a reality. Don’t be afraid to reach out to Dorwae Interiors for some advice.

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