Retail Reopening Design Ideas

Written By Mick Drolet

As we begin to reopen, let's get creative! (this Summer) Why do your walls matter?

Because they turn your business into a one-of-a-kind destination.

Let’s Get Creative!

Now is the time to get creative, reopen with a new look, and make a statement. A new unique interior design for your business can bring new visitors to your location.

Stand out by creating a unique environment that is immersive, engaging, welcoming, and suited to the wants and needs of your target audience. Studies show unique designs in retail stores stand out and create a buzz that increases foot traffic

If you are a large retailer or a small boutique store, I’ll bet you could use some good news. Here it is! Both shop owners and shoppers are ready to get back out there.

Wearing pajamas is great, don’t get me wrong. But on those rare occasions when I had to put my jammies in the hamper and get dressed, like for real dressed, I noticed that my old clothes looked a little…well old. Millions, yes millions, of potential shoppers are having that same experience. If you are an experienced shop owner or a blossoming retail store, this is your moment.

Retailers are champing at the bit to capture the interest of the oncoming army of post-pandemic consumers. Don’t sell yourself short by placing a “for sale” sign on the window and hoping for the best. You can do better. And there is more good news. It’s not difficult. Here are a few tips:

How to Stand Out by Creating a Unique Retail Environment

Step 1: Choose Your Direction

1. This is the year to be cheerful and upbeat. Brighten things up a bit! We all need it and it’s good food for the soul. It will also help your bottom line. Shoppers want to feel that excitement of spring color. So, keep the customer feeling those good vibes.

Step 2: Showcase Those Special Items

2. Showcase that new special product. Every year there’s a certain product that you just know is going to sell. If you have one in mind you are halfway there. Whether it’s a new dress, a ceramic tea set, or the perfect leather chair, you can use this product to give your shop an elegance boost. Don’t just prop it up in front of flat wall paint. Give it some texture. Create some atmosphere. Choose a unique wall finish to back it up. Don’t miss the opportunity to show the customer just how special your merchandise is. No matter how good that special product may be, give it some help.

Step 3: Give Your Clients More to See

3. Make your shop feel high-end. What the big retailers like Anthropologie and Lululemon have figured out can work for you too. Here it is. It’s important to get your customers through the door, but it’s just as important to hold their attention. You want the customer to stay.

The idea is simple. The longer a customer stays in a store, the more likely they are to buy something. Give your clients more to see.

The merchandise is not the whole picture. How does your store look? Clean and organized? That’s a good start. But try to imagine your shop as a world of its own. Create a space that people can explore. Be creative. Give them more to look at than four painted walls. Make it an immersive experience. The shoppers will stay longer, and they are more likely to leave with a shopping bag that has your store’s name on it. It works for your favorite retail brands and you can make this happen too.

Step 4: Start With Your Strengths and Build from There

4. Think about hiring a designer. This doesn’t mean you have to change your whole identity and it doesn’t have to be expensive either. There is no shortage of interior designers. The talent is out there, and some of it is downright affordable. No matter how well you know your brand’s identity, a professional eye is invaluable. A good designer probably doesn’t want to discard your identity and start over. They want to start with your strengths and build from there. So don’t be afraid to hire a pro. They’ll find new and exciting textures for your walls that can elevate your identity.


The secret to a long-lasting, profitable business is customer conversion. You can’t just rely on foot traffic. Your space has to create an experience (and word of mouth) that keeps people coming back.

So, get ready for that army of shoppers. Give your walls a makeover and watch your customers react. Give your shoppers a fresh experience by making your store stand out. As you prepare to reopen, don’t forget, color and texture can be your new best friends. Turn it into that special place where customers want to stay and shop. This is how Timeless brands are built.

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