Venetian Plaster, you may have seen it in the pages of design magazines, on Instagram, or perhaps in the home of your most fashionable friend.

What is venetian plaster?

Venetian plaster
Venetian plaster

A wall covered in a textured material or its similar aesthetic cousin, limewash. Venetian plaster is definitely in style. Pinterest claims that search interest for the term has tripled in the last 30 days.

If you adore the old-world aesthetic and elegant simplicity of hundred-year-old European homes, Venetian plaster could be the ideal finish for your own custom home building project.

Here are a few of the reasons why it’s trending:

  1. Natural

Traditionally, what distinguishes Venetian plaster is that it is entirely natural, consisting primarily of limestone and water. Some strains may also contain marble dust or other aggregates, but in general, it is a natural organic material.

This is fantastic on two counts. For starters, using all-natural materials contributes to an elegant, organic look that blurs the line between indoor and outdoor (one of our favorite aesthetics, especially in places like Hawaii and California). Second, natural Venetian plaster is nontoxic, emits no harmful substances into the air, and is mold-resistant by nature.

  1. Very Similar to Marble

If you want the look of marble but are unable to use actual marble due to budget or design constraints, Venetian plaster is an excellent substitute. Because of its natural properties and the way it’s applied (in thin, translucent layers that are frequently burnished), it has a soft, earthy appearance with an iridescent finish, similar to marble or stone.

With this in mind, Venetian plaster is an excellent choice for curved walls, columns, and other large areas where actual marble would be prohibitively expensive.

  1. Customizable 

Natural or synthetic colorants can be used to tint Venetian plaster. If you’re looking for a specific marble aesthetic, or if you want to get really creative, the sky’s the limit! Though natural, earthy tones are often preferred because this is how Venetian plaster shines the best, know that you are not limited in this area. If you want a color that doesn’t exist naturally, you can probably make it.

The texture, too, can be altered. When Venetian plaster is burnished (as described above), the result is a gorgeously smooth texture. However, if you want a more rugged feel, you can achieve it with the addition of extra materials.

  1. Low Maintenance

Venetian plaster (particularly Venetian plaster made without additional aggregates) is extremely durable and does not age or fade. It’s also simple to clean and, if a flaw is discovered, can be easily repaired. Gone are the days when you had to re-plaster an entire wall because of a scuff!

Regular paint can only get you so far at times. While Venetian plaster is best known for its old-world charm, many people argue that the smooth texture and subtle sheen are gracefully modern, demonstrating how versatile this finish truly is. Venetian plaster is a great option if you want a refined, sophisticated look that is both natural and affordable.

Venetian Plaster Polishes Trend

Following the difficult years of 2020-2021, people are now valuing their homes and personal space far more than in previous years. It’s no surprise that the top interior trends of 2022 include natural styles that help to calm the mood and soothe the mind, providing a more relaxing vibe. We believe that 2022 interior trends will create a sense of tranquility in your home. 

Here are some ways that we believe polished plaster walls will continually fit in beautifully with this year’s trends:

A dramatic atmosphere

Metallic Venetian Plaster can make a dramatic statement, allowing the personality of a home to literally shine through. If your home was purposefully designed to be minimalist, consider whether it’s time to liven things up a little.

A vintage vibe

Spatula Stuhhi, with its smooth texture, is an excellent choice for this. Spatula Stuhhi can be enhanced with strategically placed lighting because the light will enhance the reflective properties of this plaster, highlighting the gradual movement between the color values. It is available in a variety of colors, allowing you to achieve a seamless match with your existing scheme or choose a completely new one, perhaps even combining a variety of shades to create something truly unique.

Replace brick walls with Venetian plaster

Although the brittle texture of brick walls makes them look great, bricks are porous, making them more susceptible to moisture problems and mold. Moisture within the brickwork increases the likelihood of cracking, flaking, and crumbling. Apart from it being time-consuming during construction, it’s also not as durable as concrete. More labor means more money, plaster finishes are typically limited to high-end renovations for wealthy customers.

Read more about Venetian Plaster and know the benefits of using it.

Even experienced contractors may find this type of work challenging and intimidating. So it is best to hire a wall professional. With years of experience, Dorwae Interiors can turn your dreams into reality.

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