Trends are great. Timeless beauty wouldn’t exist without them. I know, we’re getting philosophical right out of the gate. But it’s true. Trends keep our minds fresh and they keep our eyes moving. They spark imagination; they help us keep growing and moving forward. They incorporate different cultures, different philosophies; and, at their best, they speak to your heart and make your life more exciting. Maybe not Steve McQueen level exciting, but then you probably don’t want your living room driving through red lights 90 mph while being shot at. Or if that sounds good to you, may I suggest some black leather throw pillows and a five-point safety harness for the sofa.

While interior design trends change frequently, certain things remain fashionable for years. Because of their versatility, timelessness, and flexibility, these timeless interior design styles have earned a place in the spotlight.

Whether you’re seeking interior color ideas for a timeless interior design or you’re ready to Boujee up the place, this guide will help you figure out which interior design styles are hot right now and which ones are worth remembering for the future.

This blog aims to inspire new interior design trends and showcase the most recent ones. Make use of these suggestions to give your home or business a new lease on life.

Trending Interior Design Styles

Trending Interior Design Styles for 2022: The Top 10 List

  1. Take A Maximalist Approach

    Maximalist Design

    For people who appreciate vivid décor, this maximalist style harnesses the free-spirited industrial style energy of the famous Bloomsbury artists and their creative flair. To pull everything together, use powerful contrast patterns across a scheme, harmonizing the extended mix with different print scales and one or two anchoring recognizable tones.

  2. Embrace Distant Shores (The Coastal Style)

    Coastal Trending Interior Design Style

    Isn’t this what we’ve all wished for? In this next trend, the laid-back lifestyle of Hawaii has been reinvented. Interiors influenced by coastal style provide a tranquil and pleasant living area, making a home a safe and inviting place to recharge while we crave tropical trips. The Coastal style trend uses tropical brights, soft monotones, and soft lemons to give a classic floral arrangement a contemporary twist.

    With the advent of greenery into homes, tropical foliage and blooms may be employed to bring the outside in. Easy-to-care-for digital prints are created using complementary color palettes to evoke the diverse Hawaiian scenery.
    Many people missed having the opportunity to travel abroad in 2020; thus, this concept is to return to a global inspiration within interiors. Our spaces will reflect our travels, the sea, and distant shores.

  3. Go Industrial Style

    Industrial Style Interior Design Style

    By making a building’s working parts into its primary aesthetic, industrial styles showcase the modernist eye for efficiency and practicality.

    Beams, columns, pipes, ducts, and flanges are brought to the foreground to underline the machine for living, giving these rooms a distinctly masculine feel. Unlike many other offshoots of the contemporary movement, industrial-style interiors do not shy away from weight or roughness, embracing the worn, recycled, and salvaged.

    Industrial interiors are frequently the style of choice in warehouse conversions and loft remodelings, with warm, neutral colors like grays and browns, as well as iron or steel, exposed concrete, and unpainted brickwork, complimenting them wonderfully. Vintage industrial designs complete the aesthetic when it comes to furniture and décor.

  4. Go Back in Time with Vintage Style

    Vintage Style design

    In a vintage style, antique, repurposed, salvaged, and retroelements all have a place. For a lively, coherent aesthetic, use solid colors, favored details, and a less-is-more approach to reference rather than slavishly duplicate the look. The key to this strategy is to use a lot of contrast.

    Gradually build up a vintage-style scheme. It’s the kind of outfit that requires layering, so pick things that have meaning for you over time. To create a modern feel, add a few premium accents like rich materials and dramatic lighting.

  5. With Shabby Chic, Go Rough and Rustic

    This classic style creates a sense of raw elegance and faded majesty. Mix new purchases with vintage market finds to complete the look of weathered grandeur from scratch.

    Look for items like chandeliers and mirrors that haven’t been properly restored but have aged with character, as well as furniture and textiles that seem lived-in. The appeal is enhanced by chipped paintwork, fading textiles, and flaws.

  6. Urban Style Goes a Mile

    Urban style interiors place a premium on components and designs that convey the gritty mood of the city inside.
    This interior design style is not afraid to experiment with uncommon materials and features, and it picks and chooses from various ideas to create unique, often bohemian, designs.

    The Urban style is influenced by industrial sensibilities and emphasizes structural characteristics, industrial components, and exposed ducting.

    On the other hand, these materials are integrated into clear open spaces that float in light colors and clean finishes, giving the proceedings a feminine grace. In truth, the urban interior frequently includes a healthy dosage of artistic indulgence, with answers often coming from unexpected places.

  7. Art Deco is the Way to Go

    In the Art Deco style, the solid and bombastic are portrayed in exquisite compositions by pure balance and restraint. The style emerged in the 1920s to provide a new look for a new era, with roots in Europe and America’s postwar enthusiasm and glitter.

    This style is a sensual investigation of order and symmetry at its core, with lines and geometry commanding the patterns and compositions.

    Shiny chrome and brass fittings, glossy paint, lacquered wood, and an abundance of dispersed glass and mirrored pieces set off a play of form and aesthetics replicated in angular patterns, layered motifs and strong curves.

    Art Deco styles are also distinguished by their lighting, which is achieved by layering up and down lights to create a distinct mood.

  8. Eclectic Interior is Definitely Superior

    Eclectic style interiors exemplify uniqueness and independence by surprising, unexpected, and unafraid to defy the rules. This style borrows freely from others, harmonizing a wide range of ideas and influences to suit the space and purpose at hand, with no guidelines or intents per se to box it in.

    At the heart of this design, style is a lot of diversity and layering, which is skillfully used to create an overall rhythm that animates the space and keeps it from becoming overbearing.

    To make sense of the chaos, the eclectic style relies on essential design senses, establishing harmony through color, composition, balance, and materiality.

    Fabric and texture, in particular, play a vital function in adding layers and variations to space and aesthetics while maintaining fluidity and coherence

  9. Bohemian Style Me Up

    Bohemian style is connected with free-thinking and free-spirited individuals who exhibit their own personal, unusual philosophy of living unencumbered by contemporary society’s rules. Their distinct personalities are reflected in the decor of their residences as well.

    These rooms were so unusual, exuberant, and vibrant that they spawned a design style known as ‘boho’ or ‘boho-chic,’ an approach that has exploded in popularity and has been embraced by many.

    In expressing personal tastes, La Vie Bohème gives complete freedom and strong uniqueness. And, like them, boho style interiors are defined by a distinctive and surprisingly elegant and joyful mash-up of products, accessories, and colors that, at first glance, appear to have no coherence in design features or color palettes.

    The space is crowded, both in terms of the number of goods and the shapes and forms they take. Furniture is a fascinating combination of ancient, even weathered, items and newer items. Fabrics and accessories exploded with vibrant tones, designs, and patterns, creating a cheerful ambiance that reflected the free-spirited way of life.

  10. Hollywood Regency is Really Dreamy

    The Hollywood Regency style aims to recreate the sparkle and glam of the booming American cinema industry in the 1930s. It portrays the luxurious interior décor of prominent movie stars’ homes at the time.

    Even if it is inspired by the past, it is far from being labeled “retro.” Instead, Hollywood Regency is an intriguing mix of styles and trends that display their greatest attributes in striking pairings to create an ambiance of comfort and grandeur. The class is timeless because of its freedom of expression.

    Interiors are vast, open-plan, and minimalistic in a Hollywood Regency design. Within the reserved humility of the mid-century design, furniture does not dominate the area and is relatively small-scale, with simple, clean lines.

    The furniture pieces are distinguished by bright, glossy surfaces, metallic finishes in brass and gold, dramatic art deco motifs in stark contrast, and rich fabrics and textures in vibrant hues. Many gleaming luxury goods, gorgeous shining crystal, rich linens, and carpets with silky fringes and tassels gleam in sensual beauty.

So, what is on the out? And how to stay current?

Sadly, trends do go out of style. You have to put an old trend back down in order to pick up a new one. Fake furniture and affordable, bright items are on their way out. Whether it’s painstakingly sourced vintage or new high-end furniture, now is the time to invest in high-quality parts. It’s all about creating a relaxing, romantic atmosphere and transporting it throughout the room using products that feel rich, even if they’re cheap.

The year 2021 ushered us with new vibrant colors, patterns, and unconventional design choices. As we enter 2022, even those who had stayed true to neutrals are getting a hankering for rich, vibrant hues and materials.

How about a metaphor? Here goes. Unfortunately, you have to put away the skinny jeans. You probably should have done that a while ago. But I’ll use it as an example. You looked great in them– really you did. But we must move on. Don’t cling to that past in unhealthy ways. Skinny jeans are unhealthy. Finally someone said it, right? Now go update your style. Get a new look.

Here’s the important part. Don’t let your living room get caught wearing skinny jeans. Especially if it’s out there running red lights at 90 mph. Maybe some of the trends covered here speak to you. Explore that. Find out how one of these design concepts can refresh your home. Adding a custom wall finish to a room can be a huge leap into a fresh and exciting new style. For a smaller update, add an accent wall. Accent walls are very much still in fashion, now more than ever. Use an accent wall to bring a touch of industrial style to your office; or use an exciting art deco pattern to add some 1920’s glamour to your home.

Trust your designers

If you get overwhelmed with all of the options, most designers offer a free in-home consultation. Trust your designers. They follow the trends and can help introduce these ideas, and others, into your living space. And if you are too young to know who Steve McQueen is, thank you for pausing your video game to read this blog (JK, I like video games too).

Following trends should be fun, and giving your room a new look should definitely be fun. These ideas are a great starting place for your imagination. Whether it’s an ocean-inspired vacation concept, a glamorous Hollywood feeling, or a New York Art Deco makeover, have fun. Contact a good designer and invite them to stop by. Give them wine and tell them about your design dream. I like Chardonnay, thank you in advance for your hospitality.

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